Sugoku Zannen
Personal Information
Japanese: 凄苦 残念
Gender: Male
Professional Statistics
Media Information
Kochikame - 222.mkv snapshot 04.51

His appearance in the anime.

Masayoshi Hojo (法条 正義, Houjyou Masayoshi) > Zannen Sugoku (凄苦 残念, Sugoku Zannen) is a man of short, stocky build with very absurd facial features that always cause shock or confusion in other characters at first glance, and are the reason he has never been successful in attaining a girlfriend or partner. In spite of his image issues, he is known for his extreme intelligence that covers a huge span of topics, and is apparently easily capable of earning a 100% passing score on virtually any test that he takes. Like Terai, Houjou had also undergone a name change which was officially declared by Ryotsu after the using a children's toy which randomly assigns silly 'names'. Sugoku Zannen would literally translate to mean 'very pitiful', a name which Ryotsu assumes to perfectly describe the situation of Houjou as a character overall.

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