Saigo Volvo
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Personal Information
Japanese: ボルボ 西郷
Gender: Male
Professional Statistics
Media Information

Saigo Volvo's appearance in the manga.

Saigo Volvo (ボルボ 西郷, Borubo Saigou) is a robust former green-beret soldier with supreme fighting experience following his days with the US Navy. Volvo also has the habit of becoming overtly defensive when hearing slight noises that he perceives as potentially threatening that range from glass being tapped to a nose hair being picked out. He easily nosebleeds upon sighting or touching women -especially his American girlfriend Jodie- which may have been the result of staying in the male-dominated army for so long beforehand. His ancestors in Kyushu were ninja.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Volvo resembles Duke Togo from Golgo 13, even sharing similar naming.
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