Neruo Higurashi
Personal Information
Japanese: 日暮 熟睡男
Romaji: Higurashi Neruo
Gender: Male
Height: 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Hair Color: Black (manga)

Dark brown (anime)

Eye Color: Brown
Status: Alive
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Patrol Officer
Media Information
Manga Debut: Volume 21-6 (Chapter 198)
Anime Debut: Episode 7
Neruo Higurashi (日暮 熟睡男, Higurashi Neruo) is a male character from the Japanese manga and anime series Kochikame by Osamu Akimoto. He is a Patrol Officer from the Kouen-mae Police Box who is continually sleeping and never awake, save for one day every four years, in the midst of the current Summer Olympics.


Higurashi (manga)

Higurashi's manga appearance, in police uniform.

Higurashi is a man of average height with facial features that make him appear to always seem sleepy, i.e. his eyes are always half-closed (when awake) or closed (when asleep). His hair is depicted as somewhat scruffy or untidy, and has been depicted as black in the manga but dark brown in the anime.

Whilst sleeping, Higuashi continually wears the same set of light yellow-coloured long-sleeved pinstripe pajamas which are not changed until the day he is woken up and works at the police box. His uniform is the same as those of his Police Box colleagues; blue coat, white undershirt, black tie, blue pants and black shoes.


Higurashi sleeps for four straight years, and only wakes up for one single day, which is always during the operation of the Summer Olympics. He appears to be in continual employment with the police force due to the fact that he possesses a supreme psychological ability to mind-read the loaction of wanted criminals on a world-wide scale upon being shown their profiles, a skill which has helped contribute to a record-high number of arrests in the space of one day that outnumbers technically any other police officer in the force. As a result, he is highly valued by members from the Katsushika Police Headquarters.

If made to wake up at any time outside the current Summer Olympics, Higurashi becomes intensely angry and progressively more prone to causing violent outbreaks in the city. 

Some of his interests include volleyball and chemistry; his love for chemistry has been shown to go to the extent of collecting different assortments of plants, medicinal drugs and prehistoric living organisms in his room which he appears to be capable of experimenting with, enlarging them in size.



Okio HigurashiEdit

Neruo's younger brother, whose name contrasts his own, roughly translating to mean 'awake man'. His actions are also the polar opposite of Neruo; unlike his brother, Okio works for four years straight without the need for sleeping, circling the globe with his job being described as a 'Hyper Business Soldier'.

Police Box colleaguesEdit

Kankichi RyotsuEdit

It is often Ryotsu who is called-upon to wake up Higurashi on the day he is required, sometimes considered a task of frustration of him given that he does not wake very easily and at one point, is missing from his last sleeping location. 


  • Higurashi's birthday is listed as being on 29th February, the same as Honda.
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