Naoko Seisho
Naoko Seisho Profile
Personal Information
Japanese: 清正 奈緒子
Romaji: Seisho Naoko
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O
Height: 162cm
Weight: 47kg
Hair Color: Reddish brown
Eye Color: Light gray
Status: Alive
Family: Brother: Mamoru Seisho
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Transportation Police Officer
Other Occupation(s): Police Officer
Media Information
Anime Debut: Episode 1
Voice Actor: Kanako Mitsubashi
Naoko HD
Naoko Seisho (清正 奈緒子, Seisho Naoko) is a female character in the Japanese anime series KochiKame which is based on the manga by Osamu Akimoto. She is one of the policewomen appointed to the Katsushika Police Headquarters, and is notorious for being the best friend of Komachi Ono.

She is an anime-only character and is not featured at all in the manga series itself.


Naoko has a dark shade of red-tinged brown hair that is always kept tied up into a ponytail, and light gray eyes. In comparison to her friend Komachi, her skin tone is slightly more tanned. Naoko's voice however is slightly lower than that of Komachi's. 

She wears the exact same policewoman uniform as Komachi and the majority of others from the Katsushika Police HQ.


Naoko's personality does not seem to differ by a large amount in comparison to her friend Komachi, with whom she is always seen in the whole of the anime series.

During the episode, "Naoko's Odd Day", much is revealed about her personality. She is shown to have at least a fairly decent grasp of English, meeting with a friend from America and conversing in the language. Naoko is also shown to be incredibly caring, and persistent, preventing her brother Marui from being involved in a gang by taking time off work to go to her hometown of Yokohama and even putting her own personal safety in jeopardy while confronting aforementioned hooligans.

She resides in the policewoman's dorm along with Komachi and several of the younger policewoman.


Kameari Police BoxEdit

Kankichi RyotsuEdit

Naoko Laughing

Naoko laughing at Ryotsu's attempts to get his fish back from a cat. (Naoko's Odd Day)

Naoko shares with Komachi the intense hatred over Ryotsu's arrogant and insensible nature. She participates with Komachi in attempting to mock or tease Ryotsu with harmful jokes and arguments which almost mimic that of a relationship similar to that of sibling rivalry. She also seems to actively enjoy Ryotsu's misfortune, openly scorning or laughing at him during such events.

Like Komachi, however, she has displayed an air of acceptance and positivity around Ryotsu during exceptional occasions. Both Komachi and Naoko can be seen crying, for instance, in an anime episode where Ryotsu accidentally kills himself.

When Komachi and Ryotsu are engaged, Naoko is shown to be accepting and happy during the reception. This is another sign that she approves of Ryotsu. It's also implied that she likes Ryo by the end of the series, just like Komachi. Even then, in episode 241, she refers to Komachi and Ryotsu as a couple, and she's shown to be a "fan" of their relationship, so she would probably prefer see Komachi and Ryo getting married. It's also important to note that Komachi lies to her several times about havind dates with other men, which would mean that Naoko teases Komachi a lot about her love for Ryo.

Keiichi NakagawaEdit

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 3.04.05 AM

Like Komachi, Naoko had a crush on Nakagawa and immediately lighted up upon meeting him in the Police Box. Despite his somewhat indifferent response to their fangirl-like behaviour, Naoko continued to idolise and adore him regardless. However, just like Komachi, this all changed with episode 120. By the end of the series, it's implied that she has a crush on Ryo, just like Komachi.

Reiko Katherine AkimotoEdit

Naoko maintains a firm and positive relationship with Reiko, and on occasion can be seen participating with her in various activities such as cooking and sewing.


  • Between herself and Komachi, Naoko has the slightly deeper tone of voice when speaking.
  • Her birthday is on August 6th. She is 22 years old.
  • Naoko's parents and brother live in the neighborhood of Naka-ku, Kannai Station in Yokohama of the Kanagawa Prefecture, but she was born in the Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • Naoko enjoys snowboarding.
  • Naoko has a very low tolerance to alcohol, so she tends to get drunk quite easily.
  • After episode 6, they swapped Naoko and Komachi's designs.
    Naoko Seisho (Episodes 1-6)

    Naoko's design in the first six episodes.

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