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Mr. Clice (ミスタークリス, Misutaa Kurisu) is a manga series by Osamu Akimoto currently serialized on Shueisha's "Monthly Jump" magazine as part of Osamu's new serialization project after KochiKame's completion.


Jin Clice was a super dashing spy and ace member of Japan's elite espionage program, the "JST" until he was mortally wounded by the KGB. In an act of desperateness to save the money invested into him, the JST transferred his brain into the body of a recently deceased tennis player, which happens to be that of a lovely young beautiful woman! Now the dashing ladies man has, in essence, has gone from being Bond to being the Bond girl!


  • Clice (Jin Clice))
  • Alexander Bellamacha
  • Waratta Uhyouhyo The JST Bureau Chief
  • Napoleon
  • Meiling Lin


Mr Clice Volume 1
Volume 1


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