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Matoi Giboshi
Personal Information
Romaji: Giboshi Matoi
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O
Height: 173
Weight: 50
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Single
Professional Statistics
Other Occupation(s): Policewoman
Media Information
Manga Debut: Volume 118

Matoi Giboshi (擬宝珠 纏, Giboshi Matoi) is a female character from the Japanese manga and anime series Kochikame by Osamu Akimoto. She is appointed as a policewoman for the Katsushika Police HQ.


Matoi's appearance in the manga, clothed in festival gear.

Matoi has a dark shade of brown hair kept into a high short ponytail, bangs made up of five locks of hair with longer locks kept by the left and right sides of her face, and brown eyes. In comparison to most other female characters, her eyebrows are only slightly thicker and are shaped to arch a bit higher.

She can most often be seen wearing her police uniform consisting of a white button-up shirt and red tie, and either a dark blue or black skirt. In the anime series, she is more likely to be seen to wear the blue suit and skirt that matches the style worn by other policewomen from the Katsushika Police HQ.


Matoi is considerably energetic in nature, and seems to stand out from other female colleagues in that she apparently seems to have a more tomboyish approach to things; she is more outspoken in her views, and can even become as short-tempered as Ryotsu, but argues with rational thoughts and decisions.

She is well-versed in the Japanese culture; apparently, much more so than Ryotsu himself, alongside Lemon. Matoi is an avid supporter of festivals that occur in her hometown of Asakusa in Tokyo, and is the daughter of a sushi shop (Chō Kanda Sushi (超神田寿司)) owner. She acts as one of the waitresses in the restaurant, and is additionally knowledgeable in the sorts of dishes that are served.



Geparuto Giboshi

Lemon Giboshi

Kankichi Ryotsu

Police Box Colleagues

Keiichi Nakagawa

Reiko Katherine Akimoto

Katsushika Police HQ

Komachi Ono and Naoko Seisho


  • Matoi's birthday occurs on 30th April, and is revealed to be 20 years old in Volume 126.
  • Her bust-waist-hip sizes are mentioned to be 85-59-84 centimetres respectively.
  • Matoi used to be a member of the girls' softball sports club in high school and was considered the best member at pitching.