The long-running Japanese manga series KochiKame by Osamu Akimoto is notable for its large array of varying cover designs (inclusive of both the outer sleeve and inner book cover) and occasional bonus material.

Over the span of the manga series' run, the formatting and drawing style of characters have made gradual and observable changes. Many of the first-edition volumes published in recent years have accustomed to including bonus material or features such as special print textures and bonus posters/bookmarks.

List of manga bonus materialEdit

The following is a list containing various types of bonus/unique material included in numerous manga volumes over the series.

Volume # Bonus Feature Additional Notes
1 Road Safety '76 reading extra featured Serialized in Issue 36 of Weekly Shonen Jump 1976
25-26 Assort the book spines to reveal Ryotsu's face
41-46 Assort the book spines to reveal Ryotsu, floating
55 Kameari Police Box Newspaper Serialized in Issue 38 of Weekly Shonen Jump 1987
60 The cover is in landscape format Normal version cover has the portrait format
65-100 Giant Jigsaw-puzzle of Ryotsu's face The 'pieces' are in place of the author's photo square, inside the right side of the outer sleeve
70 Outer sleeve's font style matches one used in Volume 69
80 SUPER POLICE WOMEN'S STORY MARIA&REIKO reading extra featured Serialized in Issue 5 of Weekly Shonen Jump 1992

Bonus manga inside of the outer sleeve

Only in first-edition prints
101 Succession of 101 Ryo-sans inside the cover (first-edition prints only) Now changed to emoji-style

reading extra featured

Serialized in Issue of Super Jump

Original sticker included

Only in first-edition prints
111-169 Kochikame 'Comic Previews' feature Informative feature about other past volumes
116 Only in first-edition prints

Outer sleeve is all hand-drawn


Title coloured gold and embossed


Teach me Ryotsu-sensei

Serialized in 18th September 2001 Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Comic KameDas

Yellow-colour backdrop

3 pull-out posters
140 First-edition (limited edition) backdrop cell image included

Cover set in style of Volume 100


Colour-in advent calendar on cover


New font style for cover


11 colours in title

150 Outer sleeve title and spine are holographic, 3 pull-out posters included Only in first-edition prints; later prints have title in gold colour and embossed
173 35 Years Anniversary manga exclusive, feature 1: Trading card game-style card included
174 35 Years Anniversary manga exclusive, feature 2: First limited edition super-big cover of Ryotsu
175 35 Years Anniversary manga exclusive, feature 3: First limited edition Original Photo Frame
176 35 Years Anniversary manga exclusive, feature 4: First limited edition Jump-Out 3-D card
177 35 Years Anniversary manga exclusive, feature 5: Bookmark set

In Volume 100, only first-edition prints contained white-embossed titles.

  • Cover title logo coloured gold, embossed
  • Serial number included (to receive a reward online, now defunct)
  • 3 different cover designs exist: Otohime Nana and Jody (pink); Sakonji and Maria (purple); Ryotsu and Nakagawa (green).
  • Bonus manga underneath the cover (in colour)
  • Special autograph
  • Colour pages (in beginning)
  • Kochikame bank ticket

There are also changes in Volumes 151-155:

  • 3-panel comic theater (in beginning page)
  • Cover, contents page, etc. all formatted horizontally
  • Cover (mostly) matches outer sleeve
  • The title is changed to a Gothic style font
  • Professor Ryotsu's 5 Best-of-the-Best section (6 total)
    • The spine image matches the character's 5 Best-of panels.
      • Vol. 151 (Reiko): Reiko's Sexy Best 5
      • Vol. 152 (Nakagawa): Nakagawa's Breakdown Best 5, Reiko's Sexy Best 5 -Part 2-
      • Vol. 153 (Ohara): Chief's Best 5 Breaking Points, Reiko's Sexy Best 5 -Part 3-
      • Vol. 154 (Honda): Honda's Best 5 Most Sorry Scenes
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