Lemon Giboshi
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Japanese: 擬宝珠檸檬
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Lemon Giboshi (擬宝珠檸檬) is the younger sister of Matoi Giboshi. Kindergartener. She is a true child genius who likes historical things such as Mito Kōmon, shogi, ojarumaru and often speak like an elder person (but has a childish and naive side occasionally as well). She has an incredible sense of taste: She is already the primary food taster for Chou Kanda Sushi and is often relied on by local and often famous national traditional restaurants to taste food. She is unyielding, like her elder sister Matoi. She is 4-5 years old. Her birthday is on December 11. She originally hated toast but later grew to like it. Ryotsu treat her a lot like his child and is extremely protective of her, though often she acts as his teacher in things like chess and calligraphy (much to Ryotsu's embarrassment to learn from a 5-year-old). She rides to her kindergarten in a Jaguar.

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