Kinji Totsuka
Personal Information
Japanese: 戸塚 金次
Romaji: Totsuka Kinji
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black (short)
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Alive
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation: Patrol Officer
Media Information
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
Kinji Totsuka

Kinji Totsuka (戸塚 金次, Totsuka Kinji) is a male character from the Japanese manga and anime series Kochikame by Osamu Akimoto. He was a former Patrol Officer from the Kouen-mae Police Box.

Most of his appearances after the earliest years of the series have been in chapters where the rest of the officers from the police box are gathered together for a holiday, event or other get-together and his role is usually minor and unlike Yoichi Terai (another character from the early series that disappeared in the same fashion), he was never revitalized as a main cast member again.


Totsuka bears slight resemblance to that of a yakuza member, as he possesses a scar which runs down a side of his face, a buzzcut hairstyle, and a tattoo on his back. His uniform consists of a blue coat, white undershirt, blue pants and black shoes. He is seen with shortened sleeves, no tie and flip-flops on days set in the summer period.



Police Box colleaguesEdit

Kankichi RyotsuEdit

It appeared that Totsuka and Ryotsu had an amicable friendship during the early chapters of Kochikame. He was notably Ryotsu' main partner at the beginning of the series, until Keiichi Nakagawa was introduced. Following Totsuka's absence from the Police Box, however, it was shown in a character-comeback chapter from Volume 155 that the two acted coldly with one another and were not even able to begin a conversation together.


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