Haru Mido
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Japanese: 御堂 春
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Haru Mido (御堂 春, Midou Haru) is an extremely energetic policewoman with a tomboyish personality, short blonde hair and immense pride for everything related to her native region of Osaka. Haru's feisty and competitive nature seem to go at odds with Ryotsu despite their similar personalities, but she suddenly succumbs to the good looks of Nakagawa upon sighting him in the Police Box.

She works in the Osaka Prefectural Police traffic division. She is unyielding. She is short but is allowed the job because of her ability to make arrests. She has a bronze medal for Olympic shooting. She is 20 years old. She has six younger brothers and her family runs a kushikatsu shop. She views Ryotsu as her "Enemy from Tokyo," but she is a fan of Nakagawa and humbles herself in his presence. She only appears in the manga and is absent in the anime.

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