Episode 4
KochiKame - 003 - English subtitles -ATTKC--5E4DE967-.mkv snapshot 24.15 -2019.11.03 15.47.12-
Japanese: 一発千金宝クジ野郎
Romaji: Ippatsu Senkin Takarakuji-yarou
Episode Staff
Episode #: 004
Air Date: July 7, 1996
Adapted Chapters: Volume 83-1
Opening: Natsu ga Kita!
Ending: Smile
Previous: Episode 3
Next: Episode 5

One-Shot at Big Bucks: The Lottery Guy (一発千金宝クジ野郎, Ippatsu Senkin Takarakuji-yarou) is the 4th episode of the KochiKame (anime). It first aired on July 7, 1996.

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KochiKame 004 damages

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