Episode 19
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Japanese: そば屋再建計画!
Romaji: Soba-ya saiken keikaku!
Episode Staff
Episode #: 019
Air Date: December 08, 1996
Adapted Chapters: Volume 100-4
Opening: Everybody Can Do!
Ending: Ii Koto Aru Sa
Previous: Episode 18
Next: Episode 20

Plans to Rebuild the Soba Shop! (そば屋再建計画!, Soba-ya saiken keikaku!) is the 19th episode of the KochiKame (anime). It first aired on December 8, 1996.

Character DebutsEdit

Mid-Episode Bumpers Edit

KochiKame 019 bumper


KochiKame 019 damages

Today's DamageEdit

  • Person Responsible: n/a
  • Damage Caused: Zero

Note: Even though zero damage was caused, it still shows Ryotsu as the person responsible.

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