Episode 1
KochiKame - 001 - English subtitles -v2--ATTKC--3E66C8F4-.mkv snapshot 01.28 -2019.11.03 15.47.57-
Japanese: XX警官両津現る!?
Romaji: Batsu Batsu Keikan Ryotsu Awararu!?
Episode Staff
Episode #: 001
Air Date: June 16, 1996
Adapted Chapters: Anime Original
Opening: Natsu ga Kita!
Ending: Smile
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The XX Cop Ryotsu Appears!? (XX警官両津現る!?, Batsu Batsu Keikan Ryotsu Awararu!?) is the 1st episode of the KochiKame (anime). It first aired on June 16, 1996.

Synopsis Edit

We're introduced to Ryotsu Kankichi, a police officer who works in a police box in Kameari, a district in Tokyo. However, today he's late for work and is racing there on his bicycle in order to make it there on time. He manages to get there just barely on time, but ends up crashing his bike and breaking one of the police box's windows.

In order to pay for the repairs, as well as pay everything he owes the shopkeepers in town, he ends up using his entire paycheck for the month, leaving him with only a few yen. Will he be able to figure out some way to survive the month without having any money to spend on food?

Character DebutsEdit

Mid-Episode Bumpers Edit

KochiKame 001 bumper


  • This is the first anime-exclusive episode.
KochiKame 001 damages

Today's Damage Edit

  • Damage Caused: 1 Car, 2 Bicycles, 7 Flower Pots, 5 T-Shirts, 2 trash cans, 30 Roof Tiles, and 5 fences in need of repair.
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