Detectives Moonlight and Venus
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Japanese: 月光刑事
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Detective Moonlight's appearance in the manga.

Detective Moonlight (月光刑事, Gekkou Deka) and Detective Venus (美茄子刑事, Binasu Deka) are the detective duo who are iconic for their Sailor Moon-derived 'uniform' and sometimes eccentric teenage girl-like personalities. Both are pilots specialised in tracking criminals via plane. Depending on the stage of the investigation, they will resort to changing costumes to suit the situation (done with a special 'transformation ritual'), often to the embarrassment or disgust of other characters.

The real name of Detective Moonlight is Mun Seira (聖羅無々 Seira Mun) (a pun on the titular Sailor Moon). The real name of Detective Venus is Bīnaus Seira (聖羅美茄子 Seira Bīnasu) (a pun on the name Sailor Venus, another character from Sailor Moon).


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